Best California King Mattresses – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Sleep is something very important for the human body and without it one’s health cannot stay in the top form it is supposed to stay in. Resting is very important. The human body is a machine and like other machines, it also needs some rest. Due to this, Mattress have become an essential part of our life. Since they provide full comfort and protection.

If you lay down on bed without a mattress, you will obviously not get the rest you require/need which can result in a lot of stress. However, to get rid of these problems sleep and rest is something very important. First thing that you should focus on is your own comfort. California King Size mattresses are basically full size mattresses. These are for those people who like space while sleeping or for tall people who want to ensure that they’re feet don’t hang of the bed when they’re asleep.

Top 10 California King Mattresses Compared

#Brand & ModelOur RatingPrice
1Tuft Needle California Supportive Certi PUR

4.5 / 5Check Price
2Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress, California King
4 / 5Check Price
3Perfect Cloud Gel Plus Mattress California4.5 / 5Check Price
4LinenSpa Memory Innerspring Mattress California5 / 5Check Price
5Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memorys4.5 / 5Check Price
6Oliver Smith Mattress Certified California4.5 / 5Check Price
7Classic Brands Pillow Top Innerspring California5 / 5Check Price
8Classic Brands Gramercy Innerspring California4.5 / 5Check Price
9Englander Finale 10 Inch Innerspring Mattress4.5 / 5Check Price
10Classic-Brands-12-Inch-Mattress-California5 / 5Check Price

1. Tuft Needle California Supportive Certi PUR

Tuft & Needle is a very well-known brand. It has produced many great mattresses that are not only comfortable and suitable for sleep but these are also very durable. They will surely last for a long time whilst in your custody.

Another one of its great mattresses is this California king mattress. This matters has been bought by a great deal of people and has attracted quite a big crowd.  It has satisfied the needs of people in the best way possible and like other Tuft & Needle products, it is also quite a reliable product.

  • One great thing about this mattress is that it’s not too hard. So, it will not be harsh on your body, but it is not fully soft as well so, you won’t sink deep into it even by applying a little weight. This mattress is something in between and that’s a great quality. With time, you’ll realize its advantage as well.
  • The mattress is made from a very good material. So, it does not harm or hurt your body in any way. Due to the high quality material, the mattress becomes an excellent product that you can sleep on. It is very comfortable. So, it will prove to be very luxurious.
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • The mattress is quite bouncy. This is suitable for several night activities and it also makes getting out of the bed or getting in the bed very easy. The mattress also has localized movements so, while getting in/out of the bed, you will not disturb the one sleeping next to you that much.
  • Here are the best California king size mattresses available on Amazon! These are first class products that were made for your happiness and satisfaction.

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2. Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress, California King

This mattress by Cocoon by Sealy is another great product. It has specially been made to fulfill your demands and requirements and to satisfy you and all your needs. However, every flaw has been eliminated to bring you comfort and ease. This mattress should be your top priority since it has everything you need and will not fail you.

The Premium Stretch-Knit Fabric Cover with spun poly fibers by Cocoon by Sealy is an excellent material. It is not too bulky so it will not suffocate you.  You can easily breathe and will not feel too suffocated. Also, the mattress has quite a soft feel. So, you will stay comfortable at night or any other part of the way.

  • The mattress is made from a high quality material. It is also quite dense. The mattress consists of memory foam. The Memory foam gets used to your shape, size and the position you sleep in. This makes it even more comfortable and luxurious.
  • The Essential Support Foam by the company has been constructed using much more heavier and high quality material so that your body gets the relaxation it deserves. This mattress also has that Personalized Comfort Soft Foam layer. Due to this, the mattress gives a cozier and secure feel.
  • However, if you want the mattress to be less soft and more firm, then that option is available as well.
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • The mattress is a long term investment. It is made from materials that also largely increase the lifespan of the mattress.

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3. Perfect Cloud Gel Plus Mattress California

This mattress is another very satisfying and impressive product. It has every quality you look for in the best suitable mattress.

The mattress has Atlas Gel-Plus. This pampers you with three layers of strong and fat, thick or in other words dense Gel-Plus Memory Foam. Perfect cloud fearlessly says that it will please all those who will use it since it just wasn’t made to disappoint!

The second layer of the mattress consists of about 3 inch bi-directional Double Air Flow Comfort Foam. This allows smooth and ample air flow. Even if such material has been used in the making of this mattress that allows smooth flow of air, still the mattress does not get less comforting because comfort always comes first!

The third layer of Double Air Flow HD Base Support Foam is about four inches. However, it provides another second layer of the Double Air flow so it does not get too warm. This keeps the temperature fully neutral just perfect for the comfortable sleep.

  • The premium Stretch Knit Cover that comes with the mattress can easily be taken off without having to put much effort and time. It also consists of a Mocha Ultra-suede siding.
  • This gives a very delicate and soft touch. It also has a very amusing and pleasing design.
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • You can buy this product without doubting! The mattress also has a twenty five years old warranty. These mattresses are one of a kind and will fulfill your need in every sector.

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4. LinenSpa Memory Innerspring Mattress California


The Linen Spa eight inches memory foam ad innerspring hybrid mattress is a very pleasing product. It is amusing and pleasing not only in the term of quality but also in the term of price. This mattress uses the best materials available and using those materials, it gives you all the facilities and advantages you want to have in a mattress.

  • This comfortable and luxurious mattress consists of a memory foam and also has the traditional support of an innerspring mattress. Combining these two advantages, this mattress turns into something great and flawless.
  • The mattress has a comfortable and a cozy layer of memory foam. The memory foam however, is quilted and knitted into the soft fabric mattress cover. A one point five inch layer of foam that is under the quilted top layer decreases the amount of pressure points. This gives more comfort and luxury at night.
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • The mattress is shipped at your doorsteps in a box. This does not affect the quality of the mattress and does not harm it in any other way. The mattress is a must buy! It is something that you will be very much satisfied with. The mattress has layers of quilted memory foam, tempered steel coils, felt pads and foam comfort layer. These things combine to give you the best experience you’ve ever had!
  • The mattress is very comfortable. Also, unpacking it and setting it up is not a hard job at all. It does not consume much space and effort.

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5. Best Price Mattress 12 Inch-Memory

Best Price Mattress is known for have produced top quality mattresses in just low price. It produced such mattresses that are not only safe, secure and comfortable but also quite cheap.  So, you get much more than you paid for. Another great product from this company is this California King mattress.

This mattress is about twelve inches. That is quite a decent size. However, if you are a tall person and do not like it when your feet are hanging off the bed or mattress while asleep then this mattress will listen to that complaint of yours and will solve the problem that you are facing.

You get unbelievable luxury and comfort from this mattress and its memory foam is a cherry on the top since the mattress shapes and fits itself according to your shape, needs, requirements and sleeping position.

  • The mattress is made from light materials. However, so light that when you lay down on it feels like you are lying down on a cloud since there are just no pressure points. So, this makes the mattress even more comfortable, luxurious and well appointed.
  • The mattress has a lot of layers. These layers combine and help the mattress give you an unforgettable experience that you can reminisce about. It has about two point five inches of memory foam, three inches of super soft foam. It also has a pressure relief system and six point five inches high density foam.
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • The mattress will give you perfect and comfortable night to reminisce about. This mattress will serve you in every way possible. It will provide you will all sorts of comfort and rest.

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6. Oliver Smith Mattress Certified California

Smith & Oliver is a very well-known and much appreciated company. Over the years, it has gained trust and respect of many people all around. Smith & Oliver has produced extraordinary products that are cheap, durable and also reliable.

The mattress is made of 100% Natural Organic Cover and has a Ventilated Cooling Memory Foam. The mattress is very high rated and uses material that are nontoxic so, it does not harm you or your skin in any way possible. However, toxic chemicals in mattresses can have numerous problems and disasters in conclusion so, better safe than sorry!

  • The mattress also has a Euro Pillow top for more comfort and luxury. This makes the mattress quite flawless and ideal for people who have back problems since they need something that is not too soft and not too hard as well. So, this mattress is very ideal.
  • The mattress might be cheaper if we compare it to other mattresses but do not let that fool you. If the mattress is made from cheap materials it does not mean that it will not be durable or reliable.
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • The mattress is made from high quality material and it is very much reliable. The mattress is very long lasting. So, it will probably last for a long time. The mattress comes with a low price tag for your ease, so that you can afford it easily and without having to think twice.

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7. Classic Brands Pillow Top Innerspring California

This mattress has been manufactured by the company Classic Brands. Classic Brands is a very well-known and widely recognized company. This mattress has multiple layers. Due to these layers, you get the comfort and rest you require. This mattress is one of a kind.

It has high quality materials used in its making. No harmful or toxic substances have been used in the making of this mattress. When toxic chemicals are used in the making of a mattress, the after effects are very harsh. It results in numerous skin diseases and allergies. This drops the quality of your skin which can be very disappointing but this mattress is safe from that flaw.

  • This mattress has a number of qualities that makes it worth a try.
  • The mattress has a ten inch layer of pillow top innerspring mattress. This layer is individually wrapped in coils. The layer of foam above this coil promises comfort, ease and luxury. The wrapped coil provides number of facilities. It stops the motion from transferring to the other person. This means that if one gets of the bed, no impact will be on the other member sleeping on the bed. So, this provides even more ease and comfort.
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • The cover of the mattress is quilted pillow top knit and it is very soft and plush. However, opening and setting up the mattress is not at all a problem since the packaging of the mattress has been made quite simple so, customers face no difficulty.

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8. Classic Brands Gramercy Innerspring California

This mattress by classic brands is just worth every penny. It has all the advantages and facilities you expect a mattress to have in other words, there is nothing absent from this mattress. Due to the high quality material used in its making, this mattress has won the trust and hearts of many people. The mattress is very durable. So, it will surely last for a long time. However, not only that, the mattress is very reliable and trustworthy. You can fully put your faith in this product.

  • The mattress has a very comfortable and pleasant 14 inch hybrid memory foam and innerspring mattress. This gives a very pleasing and amusing experience. The mattress also has a Cool Gel layer. This pushes all the heat away from the body. This helps in a cool, peaceful and comfortable sleep.
  • The mattress is shipped with full care so it reaches up in a tip top form without any flaws and damages. The packaging of the mattress is very easy to open and set up.
  • Setting up the mattress takes less time and you also have to put quite a less effort in it. The wrapped coil base prevents the motion from transferring to one partner to the other. The mattress has a ten years warranty. Gel memory foam makes the experience even better. It is light, cool and breathable.
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • The mattress is surely a top quality product and will not disappoint you.

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9. Englander Finale 10 Inch Innerspring Mattress

This mattress has popularly been bought by thousands of people. However, it has satisfied its buyers and has served them in every way possible. This mattress is a gem. It has every facility available. It is not only durable, reliable and made of a high quality material but it also comes with a low price tag. So, you can easily buy the mattress without having to think twice.

The mattress is about ten inches. It has a plush quilted cover and an innovative 3 Zone Support System this deletes flaws like pressure points, motion disturbance and lower back pain. So, this is also suitable for those who suffer from back pain. This mattress is the best you can buy for the flawless and perfect night sleep and the best thing is that it is just for 321.44 dollars! Is there anything else you need to know?

  • The mattress is one of the best products in the mattress category. It will be strong while you’re playing with your kids and very comfortable as well when you want it to serve your guests.
  • The mattress has been tested under several circumstances to make sure it gives the best possible experience. The mattress has everything you need!
  • There are no negative reviews or reported cons of this product.
  • It is not only luxurious but is also beneficial in the health sector as well. This mattress was just produced to impress!

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10. Classic-Brands-12-Inch-Mattress-California

This mattress is just one of a kind. It has everything you need. The mattress has a lot of qualities and facilities that will persuade you to buy it. The mattress is made from great outstanding materials. This expands and accelerates the lifespan of the mattress and also the luxury and comfort it gives to the customers.

The mattress has nourishing gel particles. These gel particles are infused with the memory foam. This allows a very comfortable and luxurious experience. This just gives you the comfort you need at night and you’ll have the flawless night sleep you require.

  • The Poly gel-support foam layer allows airflow. It is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This is just like a cherry on the top. The memory foam of the mattress also eliminates pressure points giving a more relaxing and pleasing experience.
  • The mattress also comes or a quite cheap price.
  • The mattress is also good for back pain.
  • The mattress might smell quite a bit odd. However, make sure the mattress is according to your requirement and body type since if it isn’t, it would feel quite stiff.
  • Despite all that, the mattress is worth a try and an impressive product.

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When buying the suitable mattress, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. If you buy the mattress according to these things, then there is no way your purchase can dissatisfy you or fail you.

First thing, when buying the mattress, make sure it is of the exact size of your bed because you don’t want a mattress that does not fit your bed. However, look for that mattress that fits your body type. If you are a tall person, then you might look for a mattress that suit your body and sleep position. So, your feet are not hanging off the bed again.

As it is taught that health should always come first, so you should look for something that does not have toxic chemicals and substances that do not harm your health, skin and body. Also, the mattress should not be too hard that it starts to hurt the back and also that it isn’t too soft so, you don’t just fall too deep in the bed.

The mattress should be durable. When buying a mattress, you should be sure that it is a long lasting product so, you don’t have to put money again and again. Make sure you’re investing in something that will last for quite a long time.

One important factor that you should consider is, you should examine your sleeping position and then buy the mattress suitable for your sleeping position for comfort and inconvenience.